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19 Best Art Easels for Kids in 2021 + Buying Guide

If you’ve been looking for kids easels for art, you will have likely come across a wide range of different options. It can become confusing trying to decide between the ones that are portable, height adjustable, double sided or portable. Not only do you have all of these features but you have to decide if the ones you choose is best for toddlers or older children.

So it can be difficult we’ve created this guide to make your job easier! We’ve researched, reviewed and answered your questions regarding what are the best art easel for kids

There are superb options below for inspiring your child’s creative side, while also developing their focus, attention span, coordination and knowledge on numbers and letters.

Our List of the Best Kids Easels for Drawing & Painting

Discovering the right art easel can be crucial for allowing your little one to have fun while also experiencing the amazing benefits. If you’re still stumped after the reviews you can also check out our buyers guide section at the end which includes more details about these sets to help you feel more confident in the one you decided to buy.


Melissa & Doug’s Easel


There are large plastic trays available that let kids store and organize their art supplies to be independent. We also liked how they’ve included 4 clips that are easy for toddlers to use to hang up their artwork.

Parents have been pleased to discover that this set is easy to put together. It can even be folded flat to make it simple to store.

  • Height adjustable
  • Encourages creative thinking
  • Paper cutter that’s safe for kids
  • Some notice the screws become loose over time
What age is this recommended for?

36 months to 7 years


Double Sided Dry Erase Board + Chalkboard Easel


This set comes with a dry erase board that’s magnetic and a chalk board on the other side. Kids can use it to be creative with dry erase pens, or put large paper sheets over the top to use crayons and paint.

It can fit a paper roll that’s up to 17.5″ in size. Parents have been liking how there are storage areas included. This lets your little one keep all of their art supplies in one easy to access place.

The dry erase board makes this a good first drawing easel for your child.

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  • Cup holders for paint & water
  • High quality wooden construction
  • The screws can be prone to coming loose
What age is this recommended for?

3 to 6 years old


KidKraft’s Espresso Easel


With 2 trays made out of plastic available, little kids are able to keep their art supplies in one place. It also allows them to keep everything more organized.

People have also been liking how this set has been made with an espresso design. It provides the easel with a great appearance that looks great in homes.

  • Cup holders don’t keep them in place as well as some were expecting
What age is this recommended for?

36 months old to 12 years


Hape All-in-One Easel


If you are looking to encourage your child’s artistic creativity then this all in one easel may be ideal. This easel is double sided with a chalkboard on one side and a magnetic whiteboard on the other. There is also a paper roll filled with paper with screw down clamps to keep the paper flat when the children are drawing. There is a tray for holding art supplies and 3 color coordinated paint cups.

This easel is height adjustable and can be adjusted from 37.5 inches to 43.5 inches.

  • This easel will grow with your child since it is height adjustable
  • Kids love being able to put magnets on the white board as well as drawing on it
  • Some people find this easel difficult to put together without parts breaking
What age is this recommended for?

This is recommended for children ages 3 and up, but taller 2 year olds are able to use this

What makes this stand out?

Kids can create drawings in chalk, erasable markers, pencil, charcoal, paint or ink.


Top Bright Wooden 3-in-1 Easel


This art easel has a magnetic chalkboard, magnetic white board, and paper roll in order to allow your children to use a variety of mediums for drawing or painting. . Designed for your child’s safety this easel is made using an anti-pinch design and non-slip foot covers. There is also a storage shelf with trays for paint cups and other supplies on each side. This easel is height adjustable from 38 inches to 44 inches.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
  • Will grow with your child
  • Some of these easels came with the legs missing
What age is this recommended for?

This easel is recommended for children ages 2 to 6

What makes this stand out?

This art easel allows young children to be creative through a number of different mediums.


Delta Children MySize Double Sided Storage Easel


This double sided easel comes in white, dark chocolate, or gray. There is a chalkboard on one side, a magnetic whiteboard on the other and a pull down paper roll with 33 feet of paper. There are also 2 fabric storage bins in which your child can store all of their art supplies.

  • This easel is easy to put together
  • Once assembled the easel is sturdy
  • Some of these easels comes with missing or broken parts
What age is this recommended for?

This easel is recommended for children ages 3 to 6

What makes this stand out?

The large storage bins for art supplies makes this easel both convenient and extremely useful


NextX Easel for Two


This double sided easel comes with a blackboard on one side and a magnetic dry erase board on the other side. This easel has a large tray for holding all of those artist supplies. The adjustable legs on this easel allows the easel to change in height from 32.3 inches to 42.5 inches.

  • Helps children develop both their fine motor skills
  • Encourages young children to explore their creative side
  • Not made with the best quality materials
What age is this recommended for?

This two sided artist easel is best suited for children ages 3 years and up

What makes this stand out?

This toy provides children with hours of creative fun while helping to improve their fine motor skills and helping to encourage their imagination, and persception.


Natural Wood Easel


There are 2 paint cups that come with lids to minimize the risk of spillages. A roll of paper is included as well which lets your little one get straight to creating their art.

The solid wooden design is great and there are numerous trays available, which are handy for storing your child’s art supplies.

  • Trays are easy to clean
  • Dry erase surface & chalkboard
  • Some would prefer if the joints were stronger
What age is this recommended for?

36 months to 12 years old


Adjustable Pink Easel


We liked how this easel has been constructed with a height adjustable feature. This lets you alter the height from 19.3 to 42.1″. This makes it great for your child to use more comfortably.

Furthermore, the overall design of the easel has been made with a lightweight and compact feature. Therefore, you can be sure to easily transport it and store it away when it’s not being used.

The pink color makes this an excellent girls easel.

  • 2 paper clips for displaying artwork
  • Easy to assemble
  • 360-degree rotating feature
  • Some find the dry erase marker can take a while to come off the board
What age is this recommended for?

24 months and over


Easel With Accessories


This set comes with over 80 magnetic letters and a math kit that kids can use to strengthen their math and English knowledge in a fun way. There are also erasers, chalk, and paint cup holders for kids to be creative with.

You can adjust the height of the easel from 30.7 to 52.4″. Therefore, both toddlers and older children can use it at a suitable height.

  • Sturdy wooden construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Folding design for storage
  • Some find pieces are missing when delivered
What age is this recommended for?

36 months and over


Crayola’s Easel Set


There are 3 paint pots included which lets kids fill them up with different colors to be more creative with their art. They can then put it on display by using the large paper locking clips.

To keep everything organized, they’ve included trays at the bottom. These can be used to store chalk, dry erase markers, and more.

  • Magnetic feature
  • Free from toxins
  • Height adjustable
  • Construction could be stronger
What age is this recommended for?

4 yrs old to 12 years


Pink Easel For Girls


The wide frame provides your little one with lots of room to be creative with. As a result, the tray underneath has more space for items to be stored and organized.

People have also been liking how the set can be adjusted in height. You can change it from between 39 and 56.5″ in height. Therefore, children can continue using it for years as they grow up.

  • Durable construction
  • Toxin free
  • Easy assembly
  • Folding design could be easier to use
What age is this recommended for?

24 months and over


Easel Set by Little Partners


The 4 paint containers that are included have an anti spill design which means you can keep your home spillage free.

They’ve included 2 storage bins underneath which lets kids keep their art supplies in one place that’s easy to access.

  • Solid wooden construction
  • Non toxic
  • Some find the dry erase board has bubbles behind it
What age is this recommended for?

3 to 6 yrs old


Chalkboard for Tabletops


This tabletop can be easily used on tables due to the more compact design. As a result, you’re also able to pack it up to take it with you while you’re traveling.

It can also be used at a standing easel. The height is 14″ when it’s standing up on the floor. There’s a magnetic board, whiteboard, and chalkboard, which provides your little one with plenty to play with.

  • Not as sturdy as some were expecting
What age is this recommended for?

24 months and over


Magnetic Easel by Elk & Bear


If you’re looking for a double sided easel for kids this one is a great option. The feature allows children to get creative at the same time. There are magnetic alphabet and number pieces available too. Children are able to have fun with these pieces and learn more about math and English.

People have also been liking how a carry handle has been included at the top. This makes it easier for you to pick it up and move it around.

  • Tray for storage
  • No assembly needed
  • Can be folded flat for saving space & storage
  • Some would prefer if it was taller
What age is this recommended for?

24 months and over


Tabletop Easel by Discovery Kids


This set is easily portable which allows you to use it wherever you go. It can be easily transported to keep your little one entertained while you’re on the move.

The clip has been made with an oversize design to make it easier for kids to use on their own. This lets them put their artwork on display to be proud of.

  • Durable design
  • Dry eraser marker included
What age is this recommended for?

24 months old and over


Disney Themed Table Easel


Little girls who love Disney would love creating artwork with this bright pink Minnie Mouse easel. It comes with a stool and a desk for kids to make their artwork comfortably.

A large bin has been included that kids can use to organize their other toys, as well as their art supplies.

  • Some were hoping the board could be flipped
What age is this recommended for?

24 months and over


Art Station by Step2


We liked how there’s a desk included with this set as it provides kids with more room to be creative. It even has a space underneath which allows them to store more things.

An easel clip is available at the top of the board. This is super easy for kids to use on their own to hang up pieces of paper and show off their artwork.

  • Plenty of storage bins
  • Large creative space
  • Bench included
  • Assembly can take a while
What age is this recommended for?

36 months to 6 years


Magnetic Easel


This set by Melissa & Doug has been implemented with height adjustable features. This lets you alter the height at 3 different levels. It ensures your toddler can grow up with the set and continue using it.

The high grade wooden materials are also very sturdy. So, you can be sure that it will last your little one for a long time. With the trays that are available underneath the boards, kids are provided with an excellent space to keep their art items organized.

  • Easy to use paper holder
  • Number & letter magnets included
  • White board side is more difficult to clean than some were hoping for
What age is this recommended for?

36 months to 8 yrs old

Buyers Guide to Good Easels for Kids

After reading through our review of the top kids art easels that are available, you will have been able to get a better idea about which one to choose for your little one.

Having said that you may still be looking for some extra guidance. If so, you may find this buyers guide to be very helpful.

We’ve included more details surrounding the best childrens easels, the benefits, as well as the differences between the options for girls and boys.

By the end, you’ll be feeling a lot more certain about which set to go with.

What is the Best Easel for Kids?

Kids are who 4 years and over will find the taller easel sets to be easier to use. This is because they’re taller and they won’t have to bend down and feel uncomfortable while creating their art.

You can find the ones that have an adjustable height feature as well. This is awesome if you have multiple kids who are different ages and heights.

The Best Easel for Toddlers

As far as the toddler easel goes, the ones that are lower in height may be best. Moreover the ones that can be adjusted in height could be great for toddlers. Chalkboard easels also make a great choice as kids things age can use chalk for drawing no matter their ability level.

This is because you can keep it on the lower heights while they’re toddlers. However, as they grow taller, you can adjust the height to ensure that they can continue using it over the years.

Benefits of Kids Easels

While reading through this review, you may have noticed that there are certain benefits that children can experience while using these sets.

To learn more about what these benefits are, check out the section below.

Creative Thinking

One of the biggest advantages to letting your children play with these sets is that they’re able to let their creative side flourish.

Children feel encouraged to let their creativity out on the paper page, chalkboard, or whiteboard. As a result, you can expect their creative thinking skills to develop very well.

By encouraging your child to be involved in activities that stimulate their imaginative side, they’ll be able to think in different ways to come up with unique solutions to complex issues as they grow up.

Motor Skills & Coordination

Another one of the benefits of easels for preschoolers is that your little one is able to have a very hands on experience.

Regardless of whether they’re using paint brushes, crayons, or chalk, they’re able to use their hands to draw and write things down. Therefore, your child’s motor skills and hand eye coordination are able to develop well.


Many of these sets come with magnetic letters and numbers. These pieces provide kids with a more exciting way to strengthen their knowledge on numbers and letters.

You can make fun games using the magnetic pieces to quiz your children. We found this to be an effective way of combining the educational and fun aspects to encourage your child to want to continue learning more.

Easels for Boys & Girls

While most children will be more than happy to play with the same kinds of sets, there are certain kinds that may be best for boys and girls separately. Discover more about what the differences between these sets are to make sure you can pick the one that’s best for your child.

Girls Easel

When it comes to girls, they may prefer the sets that have been made with pink or purple colors. For example, there’s a pink Disney themed easel that little girls have been loving.

Boys Easel

The sets that have been designed with blue and red colors may be more appealing to boys compared to girls. Finding sets that have been made with these kinds of colors can encourage boys to want to be creative with it more often.

Popular Types of Children’s Easel Sets

With a range of different sets available, it can be confusing trying to decipher the differences between them.

In order to make things easier for you, you can check out this section that takes you through the various options and the differences between them.


The easily portable sets usually come with a handle available at the top. This makes it a lot easier to pick up and move around.

In addition to this, they have a folding design that allows you to collapse the legs. As a result, the set is a lot more compact. Some of them can even be folded into a completely flat design.

Therefore, you can be sure to pack it up and take it with you while you travel. Furthermore, this makes it easier to store the easel away in cupboards at home.

Flip Boards

Some of the double sided easel sets available feature a design that allows the boards to be flipped. Kids love this feature as it means they can effortlessly change between the different board options.

Height Adjustable

The height adjustable ones are very popular options. One of the main advantages of these sets is that you can buy the set for your toddler to use and keep it at the lower heights.

As they become taller, you can adjust the height to suit them better. They’re able to continue drawing and being creative while being comfortable.

Adjusting the height of these sets can mean your little one is able to use it for years to come.


Tabletop easels are good choices if you were looking to save on some space. They’re a lot more compact and can be easily set up on a tabletop for your little one to use while sitting down.


To provide your child with an entire creative station of their own, you may want to consider the easel desks that are available.

These ones are larger in size and come with an easel board, as well as a stool and desk space.


You can also find options that can be altered between standing and desktop easels. These ones are more versatile and many parents find that they can be easier for their little one to use in different situations.


Thought we didn’t include any in our review if you have an older child that is really into art we recommend you check out some children’s painting easel. These can be a great way to get your future artist started painting at a young age.

Final Thoughts on the Top Rated Art Easel for Kids

So, that brings our review of the best kids easel sets to an end. Be sure to consider all of the main details, pros, cons, and age recommendations. We truly hope that our guide has helped you save some time while shopping for you children.

Picking the right set can encourage your little one to put their creative side to good use and even be very educational and stimulating to their mind. Hopefully, all of the information found throughout our reviews and buyers guide has helped you to make the best decision possible.

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