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Best Baby Walker Toys for 2021 + Buying Guide

Finding the right baby walker for your little one can give them the confidence that they may be lacking in learning how to walk on their own. Walkers can be used as a tool to help your baby become more familiar with what it’s like to be up on their feet.

This article is a list reviewing what some of the top walkers are and includes their main features, pros, cons, and age recommendations. Therefore, you can simply read through the options and decide on the one that stands out as being the best where you baby is in his or her physical development.

Our List of the Best Baby Push Walkers

Below is our review section that includes some fantastic baby walker toys. After the reviews, you can find a buyers guide that contains more details surrounding the benefits of walkers, what ages should be using them, as well as the kinds of features to be looking out for.

Now that we’ve covered that let’s get on to our list of what this our the best walkers for babies!

Hape Wonder Walking Toy 


We liked how there are a range of gears and knobs that your little one can interact with. It’s a fantastic way to help develop their motor skills and hand eye coordination.

With a variety of 5 different activities available, your child is sure to have a ton of fun while also improving their ability to walk. The finish used on this walker is also free from toxins for your child’s safety.

This baby walker toy would be a great a great 1st birthday gift for any 1 year old boy.

  • Rubberized wheels to protect floors
  • Durable wood construction      
  • Some struggle to turn the walker around     
What age is this recommended for?

12 months old to 2 years old

VTech Walker For Babies 


VTech’s walker features a good selection of activities to keep your child engaged while improving their balance and taking steps in learning to walk. There are 5 piano keys that children can have a blast with pressing and listening to the sounds.

In addition to this, they’ve included light up buttons and shape sorters. These features are superb for your little one’s shape recognition, as well as their coordination and motor skills.

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  • Bright colors
  • Pretend phone encourages creative play 
  • Can be used on hard floors & carpet     
  • Song can be irritating     
What age is this recommended for?

9 months to 3 years old

Delta Children Jeep Wrangler Walker 


Babies who have an interest in cars could have a blast learning to walk with this walker due to the Jeep Wrangler design. There are headlamps and a grille that make it look like the real thing.

We also liked how the steering wheel can be turned and babies can press the horn. Not to mention, engine sound effects are included, along with turn signals that light up. These are all awesome features that encourage children to play with lots of imagination.

  • High back seat for support 
  • Converts into a push toy that babies can sit in
  • Storage available     
  • Doesn’t work so well on carpets     
What age is this recommended for?

0 months to 24 months

Bright Starts Safari Themed Walker 


The safari theme used to design this walker comes with a range of animal decals for babies to look at. This can be a great way for your little one to become more familiar with animals.

Parents have been liking how there are 3 height positions available. This ensures that the walker can grow with your child so that they can use it for years. The toy station can also be removed for your baby to play with separately.

Consider this if you’re looking for a gift for a 1 year old baby girl!

  • Sound & light effects 
  • Improves coordination   
  • Sturdy design  
  • Some babies struggle to move the walker at first     
What age is this recommended for?

5 months old and over

InspiraSpark Walker For Carpet 


There are no wheels available with this walker. Instead, they’ve included feet that have a spring-loaded design that enables children to push it along safely on carpets, wood, and tile floors.

Babies are able to have an easy time moving this walker around. Moreover, the tray has a large design that makes it easier for your little one to grasp when pushing it around. They can also use this tray to play and draw on.

  • Eco-friendly design 
  • Improves balance     
  • Some babies may be a little tall for this walker     
What age is this recommended for?

12 months and over

Bright Starts Ford Walker 


This walker has been designed to look like a Ford F-150 which can encourage your little one to use it to play in more imaginative ways. They can also use it to stand behind and push, sit in the toy car and be pushed, or as a regular walker.

We also liked how the frame can be adjusted between 3 different heights. This is fantastic for allowing your child to continue playing comfortably with the toy walker as they grow taller.

  • Interactive sound & light effects
  • Movable steering wheel included      
  • Difficult to fold down for storage     
What age is this recommended for?

6 months old and over

Bright Starts Walker 


We liked how there’s an electronic tray available with this walker that includes songs, lights, and sound effects. It’s super interactive for babies and encourages them to have fun while learning to walk.

They’ve made the back seat with a high design to make sure that your little one can remain comfortable. Furthermore, there are 3 height positions that can be adjusted to help your child grow with the toy and be able to use it comfortably.

  • Volume control available 
  • Electronic tray can be removed     
  • Can be tricky to maneuver     
What age is this recommended for?

6 months and over

Spoon Walker By Joovy


The tray included with this walker has been made with a large design that provides babies with plenty of space to play on. We liked how this tray can be easily removed and how the walker can be folded down for easy storage.

Your little one can feel comfortable with this stroller as a result of the soft seat pad. You’re also provided with 3 height positions to make sure your child can use the walker as they grow up.

  • Stair pads are anti slip
  • Over sized wheels for stability 
  • Dishwasher safe     
  •  Wheels don’t have a locking mechanism    
What age is this recommended for?

5 months and over

Cossy Wooden Walker 


There are 34 wooden blocks included with this set that provide babies with plenty to play with. The hands on approach to playing with the blocks is fantastic for developing their motor skills and coordination.

We also liked how high quality wood materials have been used to construct the walker. This ensures that your little one can use it for years to come.

  • Rubber wheels to protect floors
  • Brightly colored design      
  • Some find it tips over easier on carpet     
What age is this recommended for?

12 months old and over

Tiny Love 4 In 1 Walker


Tiny Love’s walker for babies comes with a 4 in 1 design that lets your child use it as a walker, jumper, a push along toy, or a separate activity center. With 20 different activities, your little one can keep themselves engaged for hours.

These activities are fantastic for developing their coordination and gross motor skills. You can also remove the activity center for easier storage.

  • Surface can be easily cleaned 
  • Activities develop with your child 
  • Adjustable heights   
  • Not as sturdy as some were hoping     
What age is this recommended for?

6 months and over

Fisher-Price Zebra Themed Walker 


Babies can choose to sit or stand to play with the range of activities available with this walker. The hands on activities are great for your baby’s coordination and motor skills.

We liked how they’ve included 4 wheels as it provides your little one with a stable base while holding on and learning to walk.

  • Different textures for improving tactile skills
  • Exciting music & light effects      
  • Brightly colored design
  • No locks available for the wheels     
What age is this recommended for?

6 months to 2 years old

Melissa & Doug Alligator Walker


Melissa & Doug’s Alligator Walker makes noises when being pushed along the floor. This is an interactive feature that can improve your baby’s auditory learning senses.

In addition to this, there are various hands on activities for children to play with. Therefore, you can expect your baby’s motor skills and hand eye coordination to develop.

  • Sturdy wood materials 
  • Anti skid wheels 
  • Handle is easy to grasp    
  • A little heavier than some were expecting     
What age is this recommended for?

12 months to 2 years old


Buyers Guide to the Finding Top Rated Baby Walkers

Now that you’ve got a better idea on what some of the best push toys walkers for hardwood floors, tiles, and carpets have to offer, you can start narrowing down your search to the ones that you think are best for your baby.

If you’re struggling on which one to pick, you’ll want to check out our buyers guide below. You can find more details on the age recommendations, why walkers are good for babies, as well as which ones are the best.

Are Push Walkers Good for Babies?

You may have heard that walkers are bad for your child is it takes time away from them being able to work completely independently. However, if you know how to implement a walker into your baby’s routine properly, it can have some great benefits.

For one, your baby is able to increase their confidence when it comes to walking. When babies are first learning to walk, it’s likely that they’ll fall over which can be dangerous. Providing them with a walker is an easy way to give them something stable to hold onto while they learn what it feels like to be on their feet.

Once they’ve built up their confidence and balance, they can have an easier time walking independently. In addition to this, it frees up parents from having to hold their child up all the time while they’re walking.

Many of the baby walkers for girls and boys that we’ve included in our review come with several activities. Babies can use these activities to develop their motor skills and coordination, as well as their color and shape recognition abilities.

Therefore, walkers for babies have more benefits that simple encouraging your little one to walk. There are also options where the activity centers can be removed for your child to play with separately from the walker.

Which Is The Best Baby Walker To Buy?

The best walker will depend on your child and the kinds of benefits that you would like them to experience. In our eyes, the top ones come with adjustable height features so that your child can continue using it as they grow.

Walkers that have interactive activity centers with music, lights, and things for babies to play with using their hands are also fantastic. They enable babies to work on multiple skills at once.

In addition to this, walkers that let you transform them into push along, sitting, and standing toys are worth considering. This is because babies are given various ways that they can use the walker at different stages of their development.

So, the best options would come with adjustable height features, an interactive activity center, and different modes such as push along, walk, and sitting.

What Age Should Babies Go In Baby Walkers?

The recommended age for your baby to use a walker is between 4 months and 18 months. This is because your baby needs to be developed enough to hold themselves up so that they can hold onto the walker and be properly supported.

Final Thoughts On Baby Walker Toys

That wraps up our review on the best baby walkers for 4 month olds and over. Be sure to consider the main features, pros, cons, and age recommendation of each option. That’s what will enable you to have the best idea as to which one is best for your baby.

Hopefully, you’re able to use the details in our review and buyers guide to make the most informed decision on the walker that’s right for your child. Picking the right one can help your baby develop critical skills while also improving their confidence in being able to walk independently.

Top Baby Walker Toys

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