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8 Best Thomas the Train Ride Ons for 2021

Do you want to find an exciting Thomas the Train ride on toy that your little one can play on for hours of fun? If so, you’ll want to check out our guide to the best Thomas ride on trains that are currently available.

There are different designs and types which can make it pretty confusing. Well, all you need to do is have a read through our review below and choose the one that sticks out to you as being the best.

A buyers guide section is also available at the end that provides you with additional information meaning it will be a breeze find the best option for your child!.

Our Top Picks

Our List of the Top Thomas Ride On Trains

If you have a boy who is interested in a Thomas ride on toy you’ll first need to figure out where he’s interested in one with tracks or one without. Below you will find both types so that you will know more about all options available to your son or daughter.

Step2 Thomas Roller Coaster


This ride on from Step2 allows kids to have easy access to it as a result of the anti slip steps that are available. We were also impressed with how much attention to detail there is.

This makes it a lot of fun for kids to experience riding on it. The seat has a high back rest, foot rests, and a hand rail to keep your little one secure. They have a blast going down the ramp that’s included.

With 9 feet of track available, your child can have fun with this set for a while. The Thomas the Tank Engine design looks just like the character as well.

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  • Safe for kids 
  • 9 feet of mini roller coaster track available 
  • Great attention to detail    
  • Some find the assembly is tricky     
What age is this recommended for?

2 to 5 years olds

What makes this stand out?

Kids have been having tons of fun riding on this down the 9 feet of track available and experiencing a mini roller coaster. It’s sure to keep them entertained for a long time!

Power Wheels Thomas & Friends Ride On Train Set with Track


We liked how this Thomas ride on with tracks is powered by a 6 volt battery which suits older toddlers. It can travel up to 2 mph off the track and up to 1 mph while on the track.

Kids have been loving how there are sound effects and phrases available. This makes the vehicle more interactive and improves your little one’s auditory learning senses. They can also simply press the button the start and stop.

This teaches kids about cause and effect, while also developing their motor skills and hand eye coordination. There’s 15 feet of track available which is plenty for your child to play on for hours.

If your child is fascinated with trains we suggest they check out our guide to the best Lionel electric trains.

  • Not as easy to put together as some were expecting     
What age is this recommended for?

This Power Wheel is perfect for 2-3 year olds.

What makes this stand out?

Your toddler can have a blast with this electric Thomas ride on both on and off the tracks. They love having this freedom to play with it in different ways.

Thomas Fast Train Tracks Ride On 


Children have been appreciating how this Thomas the Tank Engine ride on comes with a range of sound effects and phrases that they recognize. This makes it super interactive and fun to play with.

Its also awesome for developing your little one’s auditory learning senses. We liked how there’s a seat that can be flipped open to reveal storage space. This can be used as a way for your child to go around on their new ride on Thomas the train while cleaning up the rest of their room.

Furthermore, the graphics that have been used to design this one are of a high quality. These, in combination with the phrases and sound effects, make it more realistic for kids. Therefore, they feel encouraged to play with more creativity.

  • Sparks imagination 
  • Storage space under the seat 
  • Improves auditory learning    
  • Some found it damaged upon delivery     
What age is this recommended for?

1 to 3 year old

What makes this stand out?

The fantastic graphics, sound effects, and phrases that are available make this Thomas and Friends ride on train more exciting and interactive for kids. Their auditory learning senses are able to develop as well.

Power Wheels Thomas Ride On Train Set 


Toddlers have been loving how there are different features available with this Power Wheels Thomas the train ride on car. It is a battery operated Thomas the train ride on and kids love that there are buttons that they can push to stop and start the train. This is a result of the 6 volt battery that has been fitted.

The action of pressing buttons is excellent for your little one’s motor skills and hand eye coordination. It also teaches them about how cause and effect works from an early age.

This Thomas riding toddler boy toy can be used on grass and other off road surfaces to let your child explore more. We also liked how it can travel at a top speed of 2 mph. This is to ensure that it’s safe for your toddler to ride around on.

  • Teaches toddlers about cause & effect
  • Develops coordination & motor skills 
  • 2 mph top speed for safety     
  • Motor is louder than some were anticipating     
What age is this recommended for?

1 to 3 yrs old

What makes this stand out?

Toddlers are able to have plenty of fun riding around with this on hard surfaces and grass. Their motor skills and coordination can develop as a result of pressing the stop and start button too.

Thomas & Friends Wagon


Kids are able to have a lot of fun filling this wagon up with their different things and pulling it around. It can be an exciting way for you to encourage your little one to clean up their things when they’re done playing.

We liked how the handle has a folding design as well. This makes the wagon more compact and easier for you to store when it’s not being used.

  • Easy to store 
  • Fun way for kids to clean up   
  • Great graphics design
  • May not be large enough for riding   
What age is this recommended for?

24 months to 5 years old

What makes this stand out?

The fun Thomas & Friends graphics that are available on this wagon make it super fun for kids to play with. It’s a great option for kids to play with at home, or out and about too.

Fisher Price Thomas & Friends Trike


Fisher Prices Thomas & Friends Trike is a fantastic option if you’re looking to get your little one their first trike. It has wheels that are stable to keep your child safe while riding.

Furthermore, the handlebars are easy to grip and the pedals are large. This makes it easier for kids to get the hang of learning how to ride a trike.

The seat is also soft. Therefore, children can ride around on the trike for hours and feel comfortable.

  • High quality tires for off road riding 
  • Storage under the seat
  • Stable wheels for safety     
  • Assembly can be tricky     
What age is this recommended for?

24 months to 5 yrs old

What makes this stand out?

Kids have been loving how they can learn to ride a trike with this one due to its Thomas & Friends design. They’re able to work on their riding skills and play more actively.

Thomas & Friends Ride On Train Track Set


Parents have been pleased to find that this Thomas train ride on toy is a breeze to assemble. Therefore, you can have it setup and ready to use in no time for your little one. Kids have been having fun with the sound effects that are available too. This lets them improve their auditory learning skills.

We liked how there is a simple on/off switch that kids can press to turn the on or off. This is a fun way for them to develop their hand eye coordination and motor skills. It also enables the Thomas Train ride on and track set to travel at up to 2 mph on hard surfaces or a compatible track. Though the track is a light brown it’s important to note that it is not a wooden train or track, but rather it’s all made of plastic.

Kids can ride on this Thomas Riding Train both indoors and outdoors, which provides them with lots of freedom. The seat can be adjusted to ensure that they remain comfortable while playing for longer too.

  • Develops coordination & motor skills 
  • 2 mph top speed for safety 
  • Easy to assemble    
  • Some would prefer if the sound effects were louder     
What age is this recommended for?

18 months old to 3 yrs old

What makes this stand out?

The ability to use this inside and out, as well as on hard floor or tracks lets kids play with it in a variety of ways to keep themselves entertained for a long time.

Thomas & Friends Ride On Train


Toddlers have been loving how there are 2 buttons available that can be pressed to activate a range of phrases and sound effects. This is a super interactive feature that develops your child’s motor skills and hand eye coordination.

It can also teach them about how cause and effect works. Not to mention, the sounds are great for improving their auditory learning senses.

The wheels have been made with a wide grip to keep kids stable. The handle has a design that’s easy for them to grip as well. While playing on this toddlers are able to work on their balance abilities as well.

  • Improves auditory learning senses 
  • Helps with balance 
  • Develops coordination & motor skills    
  • Smaller than some were anticipating     
What age is this recommended for?

12 months to 3 yrs old

What makes this stand out?

The phrases and sound effects available with this option allow toddlers to work on their auditory learning senses. They can also develop their balance the more they play on it too.


Our Top Picks 

Buyer Guide to the Top Rated Thomas the Train Ride Ons

While reading through our review of the different Thomas the Train ride on toys, you will have gained a better understanding of the different features that they have to offer. Therefore, you’re armed with the best knowledge to pick the one that you think your little one would enjoy playing with the most.

However, if you’re still not feeling 100% certain on which one to select, don’t worry. We’ve made this buyers guide section to provide you with additional information surrounding these ride ons.

By the end, you’ll have a much clearer picture of how to go about choosing the right one for your child to play with.

Popular Types of Thomas Riding Trains

There are a range of different Thomas ride on trains available. It can get a confusing trying to distinguish the differences between them all. If you wanted to learn more about what makes the various ride ons in this review different from one another, this is the section for you.


There are Thomas the Train motorized ride ons that are an absolute blast for kids to play with. The motorized function means that kids re able to make it move forwards by accelerating.

They’re also able to steer it if it’s not on a track. These ones may be best for children who are slightly older as they’ll be able to control it better and be safer.

After being used for some time, you may have to look for an additional battery for Thomas the Train ride ons. This is especially the case if your little one loves to play with it for hours every day.

Ride On with Track

The Thomas Train ride on and track sets that we’ve reviewed in this post are super fun for kids to play with. We liked how the tracks are long enough to allow kids to feel like they’re going around a real mini train track.

These ones usually Thomas the train electric ride ons. They enable children to accelerate at low speeds on the track to have a blast.

Roller Coaster 

Children have been loving the Thomas the Train roller coasters. They’re pretty small and safe, but the ramps have a steepness to them which makes it more exciting for children to ride down on.

These roller coaster ride on options are implemented with safety features that work effectively to keep your child safe. You can be sure that they’ll be able to keep themselves entertained for hours going up and down the ramp.

Standard Ride On

Some of the most popular choices are the standard Thomas the Tank ride on trains. They allow your little one to sit on the train and scoot themselves around to have fun.

This provides them with a more active way of playing. Furthermore, as a result of the simpler design and features, children are inspired to think and play in more creative ways to keep themselves engaged.


Thomas the Train trikes can be a great way to introduce your little one to learning how to ride a bike, especially if they’re fans of the character.

These trikes are stable and provide kids with an excellent opportunity to learn how a bike works, without having to worry about balancing themselves. They’re another exciting way to encourage your child to play more actively too.


The wagon with the Thomas the Train design that we’ve reviewed is a more unique option that kids can have a lot of fun with. They’re able to use it to carry their things around.

Parents have been liking how the wagon is a more exciting way of teaching their little one to get in the habit of cleaning up once they’ve finished playing.

Benefits Of Thomas the Train Ride Ons 

You will have picked up on some of the different benefits that children can experience by playing with these Thomas the Train ride ons. If you were interested to learn more about what these benefits are, take a look below.

Active Play

The Thomas Ride On that aren’t powered by batteries are awesome for enabling your child to be more active while they’re playing. This is because the more standard ride ons require children to use their legs to move themselves around.

This is a fantastic way to develop your child’s leg strength.

Balance & Coordination 

These Thomas riding trains provide your little one with an excellent chance to work on their balance and coordination as well. We found that this is a particularly great benefit for toddlers.

Since they’re in the process of learning how to walk, being able to develop their balance and coordination while playing is only going to help.


We liked how there are also multipurpose uses when it comes to these. For example, there are ride on options that feature storage compartments underneath the seats.

Children are able to utilize these compartments to store their stuff. This can also be a use as for parents who are running out of space to keep all of their children’s stuff.

Creative Thinking 

The options included can be used as an exciting way to encourage your little one to come up with more imaginative play scenarios.

This is especially the case when it comes to the options that have sound effects as they inspire more creative pretend play scenarios. They can also be a great way to enhance your child’s auditory learning senses.

Lego trains sets are another great option if you’ve got a child with a creative mind.

Age Recommendations 

Throughout our review, you will have seen that we’ve left age recommendations for each ride on. It’s best to follow these recommendations as an outline as they have been made specifically for the different age ranges.

When it comes to these types of toys you may be looking for something that can last your child for years to come. There are great toddler ride on train options with age recommendations of 12 months to 3 years.

These ones could be a good option if you have a 1 or 2 year old as they’ll be able to continue playing with the it for a year or two, or maybe even a little more.

However, if you wanted something that could last them for more years, you’ll find that there are choices in our review with age recommendations of 2 to 5 years as well.

Indoor & Outdoor Ride Ons 

Many of the ride ons that we’ve reviewed in this post are awesome for being used both indoors during the winter and outdoors during the summer. These are excellent for providing your little one with the freedom to decide to play indoors or outdoors.

However, because the wheels have been made with a circular design they will only work properly on surfaces that are smooth and flat.

The sets that come with tracks may be easier and safer to setup indoors. This is because you’re able to have a more consistent flat surface that will keep the tracks firmly together.

Ride Ons & Safety 

Safety is one of the main concerns that parents have when it comes to ride ons. There are a range of safety features that are worth looking over to make sure you feel comfortable about letting your child play on one of these.

For starters, it’s best to always ensure that your little one is wearing shoes while playing with thems. If they’re wearing laced shoes, it’s a good idea to double check that the laces are tight enough. This prevents loose laces getting caught under the wheels and causing accidents.

The rides on that come with tracks or any other pieces should be taken care of closely after your child has finished playing. You may want to keep things, such as the tracks, stored somewhere that’s safe and out of the way to stop anyone tripping over them.

If you’re letting your child play on the train inside, we recommend that you clear some space. This will help to prevent them from bumping into things and injuring themselves.

Final Thoughts on Thomas the Train Ride Ons 

So, that wraps up our review on what the different Thomas the Train ride on cars, trains, and trikes have to offer. Be sure to factor in the main features, pros, cons, age recommendations, and the aspects that make each one stand out.

Our buyers guide section also included some additional information that could prove very useful. There are many factors to take into consideration before purchasing a Thomas Train ride on for your little one.

Hopefully, we’ve provided you with all of the information that you need to go ahead and make the best decision possible!

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